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Box Full of Expectations

Get ready to reorganize your box. It’s time to reprioritize to make room for what you really want to do in life. Daily expectations have their place, but they don’t need to take up all the space. Balance is key. Goals should be big enough to stretch you yet realistic enough that you can reach them. Barriers placed around hopeful expectations hinder forward progress. Don’t limit faith and hope by shoving them to the side. Above all else, never try to fit God in a box. There will never be enough room inside.


Chance to Fly

Rise above your circumstances to reach your potential!

“For once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”-Leonardo da Vinci

Author and Life Coach

"The perfect moment will never arrive. Take a chance. Risk it all for a chance to fly."-Julie Barbera
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Earlier this week. I had an inspiring conversation with my 13-year-old son, Sebastian. I was a bit frustrated by a lack of progress. Although I was moving forward steadily, results hadn’t come as quickly as expected. Sebastian’s wisdom and insight helped to change my perspective.

Pursuing dreams is like a plane trip. To start, you have to go to the airport. Your destination is clear, and you have a flight to catch.

Hesitation sets in as you drive into the terminal parking lot. You’ve already canceled this flight several times before. The thought of being out of control in the air makes you feel uneasy. This time you make it to the airport, but temptation to turn back hits you just before you board.

Finally onboard, it feels like you’re pacing the runway for an eternity. The delay is very frustrating, as you have places…

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One Day Is Today

Your One Day Is Today!

“The perfect moment will never arrive. Take a chance, risk it all for a chance to fly.”-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

"The perfect moment will never arrive. Take a chance, risk it all for a chance to fly."-Julie Barbera
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Do you ever catch yourself saying I’ll do that one day? I bet your one day is followed by when. And your when is followed by then.Then I’ll follow my heart, start a family or get in shape.

It sure feels easy to push things off to another day. After all, there’s always tomorrow, right?

The list of whens and thens is endless.I’m sure you can think of a thousand things to put after both. But the real question is…When?

When the kids are older, then I’ll pursue my dream.When I’m financially stable, then I’ll follow my heart.When things are better at home, then I’ll take a chance.When I’m more organized, then I’ll make the time.

When can turn into days, weeks, months or even years. If you’re not careful, you’ll look back and wish you would have pursued dreams whenyou had a…

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Let Your Light Shine

“Let your light shine bright, even through the cracks.”-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

Is your reflection clear or are you unable to see past all the cracks? Either way, you have to look in the mirror.It’s not uncommon to struggle with a distorted image. At times what’s seen doesn’t match up with what’s inside.

"Let your light shine bright, even through the cracks."-Julie Barbera
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I’ve had my share of struggles with image. I wanted all my cracks to disappear. I thought I needed to be perfect to do anything of significance.

I felt that imperfections made me unworthy of God’s plan. I now realize this is far from the truth. In fact, it’s these flaws that will be used for His glory.

I’ve learned to accept cracks. I’ve even gone so far as to embrace them. Perfection is no longer the goal. I just try to do my best every day.

A mirror is simple. It reflects an image. But how you view that image changes everything…

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Step Outside the Box

Step Outside the Box! “If ready to step into your potential, be prepared to step outside your comfort zone.”-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

"Step outside your comfort zone. Step into your potential."-Julie Barbera
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Have you ever felt limited by your own beliefs? You may have heard that mindset is key. You may even understand that what you think about yourself becomes your reality. But if you hope to change, you must first take action.

Think of your world as a great big box. The size of your box determines how much room you have to move and grow. While you feel trapped by the familiarity of daily life, you pride yourself in having ventured to the furthest corners on every side. You’ve even peaked outside tiny cracks and crevasses. Although the unknown is exciting, it’s far too comfortable where you are to step outside.

True change is on the inside. Outside influences lose power to control you. But the impact of that change is only felt when you allow yourself to be stretched. While you may seek…

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