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Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

“Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection is a work of self help and empowerment writing in the theme of Christian living, penned by author Julie Barbera. With the subtitle urging readers to ‘Shatter an Illusion of Perfection’, the author takes a deep look at confidence and the concept of perfection itself. With so many people living their lives with certain expectations of what they, or society, think that they should be, Julie turns the subject around and pleads for freedom and relaxation, with the core belief that God’s plans for each one of us will manifest, and that God loves us even when we don’t feel good enough ourselves.

At the cross-section where inspirational fiction meets religious themes, author Julie Barbera has found a way to preach without being preachy and to personalize her gentle narrative style to instill both confidence and God’s love into every encouraging sentence. This is a well-organized volume of considerations, advice and personal storytelling that showcases how the self-inflicted pressures of modern life make us all see ourselves differently than who we truly are. The mirror analogy works time and again in Barbera’s confident but subtle prose, held up at different angles to illustrate our own self-sabotage strategies, and how a renewed sense of faith can allow us to look past those distortions to a clearer view. Overall, Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection takes imperfection and confidence into a beautifully motivating overhaul and is a highly recommended read for anyone seeking comfort and inspiration through issues of self-esteem.”

Reviewed by The Prairies Book Review

“Julie Barbera, a life coach and author, beautifully blends inspiration and religion in Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection. In short snippets, Barbera shares her own personal history of finding her life path. A champion for balanced life, she describes how after struggling with an illusion of whom and what she should be; She realized she needed to use her weaknesses along with strengths and bring a change in her life. All along, she relied upon her faith. Written in lyrical prose that’s both quotable and briskly paced, the book explores many ways people can find their niche. Barbera’s alluring ideas and insights gathered from personal experience will urge readers to comprehend their full potential. The reader looking for a fresh perspective on finding a suitable life path will find a wealth of functional advice. Definitely a keeper!”

Christina Goebel, editor and author of GoldenHeart: How to Love Humanity

“I helped edit Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection: Shatter an Illusion of Perfection and let me tell you something special about it.

I was so moved during the reading of this book that I cried. I felt like God reached out to me through this book and told me things that I needed to hear. I’ve always had a strong spiritual background and taught Bible study, and the simple messages of Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection pulled out personal meanings that were deeper than the text. I felt it was God-inspired, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

This Christian self-help and personal growth book is beautifully illustrated with lighthouse graphics and memorable quotes. Julie is well-known and loved for her quotes on Twitter–and she shares dozens of them, as well as pull quotes. This is a book to read many times and savor the wisdom, and then read again when you’re being too hard on yourself to remind you that the right time is coming soon.

Individuals seeking spiritual refreshment and church Bible study groups wanting to read a book that shares anecdotes that are connected to powerful Bible verses will find this one of the most memorable books you will encounter.”

Reader Reviews

“I absolutely loved reading this book. The author helps all of us that are in search of perfection to listen to and follow God’s plan for our life. Julie shares with us various times in her life where God showed her His way even though Julie was focused elsewhere on her path to walk toward perfection. Readers will appreciate her honesty and I promise every reader will see themselves in the stories that she shares Enjoy a great book”

~Eddie Fisher

“Julie’s book is a wonderful and beautiful inspiration. It taps into the readers soul. Her journey, is our journey. I highly recommend this book. Be prepared to be inspired.”

~Gary Hensel, author of the books “I AM” and “Notes To A Younger Me”

“What a truly inspiring journey… Julie Barbera’s book “Cracked Mirror” takes you on!!!

I could so relate to the faith and trust in the journey…One takes through life…
Julie’s insight and wisdom gives us a better knowledge and understanding to persevere and find success…Thank you…Julie”

Janis Sexton

“Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection is a great inspirational read. This book has touched so many aspects of my own life and helped me reflect on my own life lessons. With many disappointments in life, this book helps to reflect on perseverance and faith through the struggles we face . Without faith in our Lord and perseverance to push through our challenges, we my stay in valleys instead of striving to climb to the peaks of the mountains. God has a purpose for all of us and our purpose will unfold in His timing. Strive to have patience and perseverance to push through our challenges, as Julie has outlined in her book. God will test our strength and faith through our obstacles and if when we chose to follow His direction, we will see the reward in the end.” 

Stephanie Crawford

“This book shows that the journey is just as important as the destination. It gives hope that you can go through struggles in life and you will find that the struggle was also part of the blessing. This book also lets you know that in the valley of life you can find out more about who you are then you can on the mountain top. It ministers straight to your soul!”

Ronette Styles

“Inspirational! This book came to me at a time when I was in need of hope. Julie shares her own personal experiences and how God showed Himself to her. It’s beautiful to see how God places people in our paths for a reason, and how to embrace your very unique journey.”

Stephanie Valencia

“Each of us walks a different path in life but what connects us all is our experiences. Life has its ups and downs and twist and turns and our faith gets tested and our hope diminishes. Julie Barbara’s book cracked mirror, clear reflection: Shatter an perfect illusion, is well written, personal experience of her own life at moments when her own faith has been tested and her hope was diminishing and how she overcome it at different stages of her life. Her honesty and openness adds a lot to the book. It’s a book that will resonate with many, and it had me shed a few tears as I looked back in my life and reflected on my similar experiences to Julie and how God was watching over me when I felt alone. 

It was a honour and blessing to have a early sneak peak of the book. Julie is a beautiful soul and her family and friends should be extremely proud of her. This book is a must add to your collection and when you are questioning your own faith and feeling a lack of hope, Julie’s book will remind you that you are never alone and inspire you to keep persevering.”

Majid Khan

“If you want to be inspired, if you want to pursue your passion, if you want to break free from fear and the barriers holding you back from living out your true purpose, then you must read Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection! This book will inspire you to live with courage and confidence!”

-Gary Greeno-author of The Legacy Game Plan: 4 Keys to Living Intentionally

“I enjoyed reading this book and go back to read different chapters to help me stay grounded. It’s ebb and flow from real-life experiences to dreamy clarification, of how to navigate life, has been a joy to read. It is beautifully written and inspires me to find the great meaning in life’s moments that may seem small. This author must have a heart of gold, she speaks with authenticity and I really appreciate that in today’s world!”

-Lucie Pierro

“Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection is a wonderfully personal, inspiring account of Julie’s life and how, through faith, she shattered the idea of perfection, and learned that even dark moments shape us but do not define us. Her use of metaphors takes you inside a world full of hope, God and realistic optimism. Great way to remind ourselves how precious and unique our human experience is.”

Michelle Barquet

“Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection came into my life at just the right time. Author Julie Barbera shares about her relatable struggles with perfectionism, self-worth and fulfilling the dream that God put in her heart, despite her fears and doubts. Paired with miraculous stories and words of inspiration–both from the author and from the Bible–Julie Barbera’s book touched my heart and soul.”

Michelle Meier