Do you ever feel like this?

You wake up in the morning, and before you even step out of bed, the thought comes to mind, When will I ever have the freedom to do what I love?

You feel that a fulfilling life doing purposeful work you love is unrealistic. So, you keep telling yourself, Stop dreaming. Just focus on a stable life?

You start the week with excitement about your vision, but by midday Monday, you think to yourself, Who do I think I am? I will never find the time to pursue my calling.

You are afraid to fail, so you do nothing. You decide it’s better to hold on to your dream than to find out you were wrong.

You find yourself on the couch at night, and the thought hits you, Another day went by, and I didn’t do anything to get closer to the plan God has for my life.

You can change your story!

If you are ready to start, click below to get your FREE PDF download, Discover Your Passion with a Purpose.

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