Grow Where You’re Planted

“The next time you’re thinking about making a quick move, think of the tree. Small, gradual changes may need to take place for real transformation to occur. Personal development may not always be evident to others. Maybe, just maybe, you need to grow where you’re planted. As you build a strong core, growth will occur naturally. And you’ll find the courage to branch out and embrace new beginnings.”-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

At the start of the year, you may be thinking about turning over a new leaf. Maybe you want to establish a healthier lifestyle, change your career or pursue financial freedom by starting a business. Whatever you hope to accomplish, this is the time of year that it just feels right to start again.

This year may or may not be the first time that you’ve set such goals. If you’re like some, last year’s resolutions turned into nothing more than high aspirations. You find yourself in the same dry spot year after year. You start with fresh ideas, but your new leaf quickly turns brown. How do you make this your year of new beginnings?

"Consistency is key. Plant seeds. Be patient if results are slow. Give dreams time to grow."-Julie Barbera

In thinking about a leaf, it doesn’t grow overnight. And the tree from which it originates goes through many stages of growth. The same tree that soaks in rays from the sun stands through…

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