Box Full of Expectations

“Expectations determine outcome. Focus on possibilities. Reach for the impossible. Expect great things to happen. Walk in that belief. What once felt impossible will feel within reach.”-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

Remember a time when you were full of hopeful expectation. Excitement was at a peak. Possibilities were endless. Enthusiastic about the future, there was nothing you couldn’t do.

Confidently strolling down the street, you make an interesting discovery. Tucked away in a corner, a colorful box captures your attention. Strikingly familiar, it feels like you’ve seen it before.

Attractive on the surface, you’re curious to see what’s inside.You check to see if anyone is in sight. Nobody is there to be found. You pause for a moment and wonder,Why would anyone leave such a beautiful treasure lying around?

Anticipation is high. Suspense builds as you attempt to open the box. You try multiple times but to no avail. Opening without a key is impossible. Determined to look inside, you frantically search around. Hope quickly turns to disappointment when a key is nowhere to be found.

Big expectations shift to…

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