Run Your Race

“Life will always be like running on a treadmill without a clear destination. It’s only by pursuing your purpose that you’ll ever feel the satisfaction that a marathon runner feels after completing a race. Purpose keeps you going when all else tells you to quit. Stay focused on why you started.”-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

Have you ever felt like you were running on a treadmill with no destination in sight? You couldn’t even remember what you had done that day, let alone the day or week prior. One thing was for sure, you felt exhausted and drained.

One day seemed to run into another. Before you knew it, days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into years. Then, one day you woke up to realize that five or ten years had gone by.

Every year you set goals, only to end up disappointed by the results. Nothing seemed to change. Frustration set in when you realized you had accomplished nothing you set out to achieve that year.

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Compare this scenario to running on a treadmill. You burn calories and energy by running in place. But no matter how many hours or days you run, you’ll never ever end up in…

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