Go with the Flow

“At times, life feels like a roller coaster. So many twists and turns make it seem like the world has been turned upside down. In letting go and releasing control, there’s freedom. By confronting fear and conquering obstacles one by one, you’ll find the courage to handle the ride.“-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

Waiting for the right moment can feel like standing in line for a roller coaster. As you anticipate the ride, anxiety builds. Reactions from others may tempt you to step out of line. Each time you resist fear the challenge is easier to overcome. Even so, doubt tries to sneak in.

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Approaching the gate, you’re next in line to board. There’s no turning back. Now inside, you’re headed for the back row. Then questioning begins. Seated then secured by safety restraints, there’s no choice but to trust.

Finally, the car picks up speed. Slowly accelerating up the track, anticipation meets reality. Ready to face fear, there’s no room for doubt. Almost to the top, your eyes are closed. The ride suddenly comes to a stop.

Gripping the handlebars firmly, the ride shifts into free fall. There’s no way off. Holding on for dear life…

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