Balance to Breakthrough

“At the start of the year, take an assessment of your progress. Looking back on the previous year may leave you feeling frustrated or proud. Whether you accomplished everything you set out to achieve or very little, not to worry. Today is a new day. You get the opportunity to start again.”-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

It’s the end of the week, and you’re absolutely exhausted. Feeling mentally drained, you can’t identify anything that you accomplished of real, lasting value. Week after week, you’re caught up in the same routine. Driven by habit, you’re going through life on autopilot. While busyness fills up the day, it doesn’t necessarily equate to productivity.

"Live in the moment, vision in sight. Keep your feet on the ground, yet reach for the sky."-Julie Barbera
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Maybe you catch yourself thinking, Life has to be more than this. What’s the purpose? Get up, go to work, finish chores, pay bills and go to bed, only to start again tomorrow. Over and over, the cycle continues.

Perhaps you sit down to read when out of nowhere you’re bombarded with a million thoughts. You name it, it’s going through your mind; laundry, dishes, cleaning, bills to pay, calls to make. Your mind races thinking about everything but the task at hand.

Busyness has become a way of life…

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