Faithful in Small Things

“Have big dreams, but be faith in the small things. It’s the small things that prepare you for the big dream.”-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

Are you so focused on big dreams that you disregard the small things?

I want to challenge you with the thought that the small things in life are the big things. Being faithful over the small stuff isn’t something we think about frequently, especially those of us with big dreams. When our vision doesn’t match reality, we may be led to react in a way that’s quite the opposite. Perhaps we feel that what we can do won’t make a significant difference. So, we choose to do nothing. 

"Have big dreams, but be faithful in small things. It's the small things that prepare you for the big dream."-Julie Barbera
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Starting a business has been an aspiration for years. Rather than take action, you catch yourself saying, “Not now, I’ll take a chance when I’m more financially stable.”

Writing a book and pursuing public speaking is your dream. Rather than follow true desires of your heart, you remind yourself, “One day, but not now. I’m not ready…

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