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Box Full of Expectations

Remember a time when you were full of hopeful expectation. Excitement was at a peak. Possibilities were endless. Enthusiastic about the future, there was nothing you couldn’t do.

Confidently strolling down the street, you make an interesting discovery. Tucked away in a corner, a colorful box captures your attention. Strikingly familiar, it feels like you’ve seen it before.

Attractive on the surface, you’re curious to see what’s inside. You check to see if anyone is in sight. Nobody is there to be found. You pause for a moment and wonder, Why would anyone leave such a beautiful treasure lying around?

Anticipation is high. Suspense builds as you attempt to open the box. You try multiple times but to no avail. Opening without a key is impossible. Determined to look inside, you frantically search around. Hope quickly turns to disappointment when a key is nowhere to be found. 

Big expectations shift to discouragement. You feel like walking away. Reminded of grand plans for the future, you’re convinced that this is your day. Not willing to give up hope, faith prompts you to stay.

Looking near and far, no stone is left unturned. You diligently search around. As a last attempt, you check under the box. Frustration quickly turns to joy when a key is found taped to the ground. 

You open the box and move the lid to the side. Filled to overflowing, it’s hard to see inside. You place one hand on top in an attempt to hold all in. Amazingly you’re able to see what’s within.

Hopeful expectations are sprinkled throughout. Potential and possibilities are shoved to the side. Hopes and dreams are forced to subside.

Busyness and responsibility always end up on top. Hopeful expectations are quickly halted to a stop. Daily expectations, being heavier than the rest, constantly put hopeful expectations to the test. 

Time is limited. There’s only so much to be found. Noticing a lack of balance, you try to shift things around.

Making a strange discovery, you notice tiny remnants scattered throughout. Worry, fear and doubt are persistent. They attempt to push hope and faith out.

Small remnants push positivity to the side. This leads to added pressure causing many priorities to collide. The box is filled to overflowing, yet clutter is all around. It’s impossible to make room for hope trying to make a sound.

Does this sound familiar? Hopeful expectations are weighed down by daily expectations. Expectations aren’t big enough due to all the busyness.

Get ready to reorganize your box. It’s time to reprioritize to make room for what you really want to do in life. Daily expectations have their place, but they don’t need to take up all the space. Balance is key. Goals should be big enough to stretch you yet realistic enough that you can reach them.

Barriers placed around hopeful expectations hinder forward progress. Don’t limit faith and hope by shoving them to the side. Above all else, never try to fit God in a box. There will never be enough room inside.

You’re a goal-driven person with high expectations. Dedication and determination are a part of your daily life. You’re no stranger to the idea that you need to invest time and energy to reach goals. Yet, you’re not always so quick to invest in yourself.

Motivation and drive have brought you this far. You’re reading this post because you want to go further.

A healthy dash of accountability may be just what you need to balance your box. If ready to rearrange priorities to make time for important things in life, let’s talk.

Julie Barbera, author of the forthcoming book, Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection

“Treasures Are Right Before Our Eyes, yet Many Miss Gems Searching for Pearls at the Bottom of the Sea.”


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