Dare to Touch the Mountain

“The mountain may seem insurmountable at times. In fact, it looks impossible to climb when standing in the valley. True courage only comes after you take the first step. Every step forward takes you one step closer to the goal. The further you get from the valley, the smaller the mountain looks.”

“Past behind, walk towards your mountain one step at a time.”-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

Will you climb the mountain or stare at the peak? Either way, you have a choice. A decision to start may seem like the only active step. But did you know that not taking action is actually action? In fact, if you choose to stare at the peak, you’ve already taken a stance.

"One step may seem insignificant today. Many small steps have the power to change tomorrow."-Julie Barbera

Imagine standing in a valley. Picture yourself looking up at the highest point of a mountain. Its grandeur makes you feel insignificant.The thought of climbing to the top is utterly exhausting.

Now visualize yourself emerging from depths of the valley. You’re almost standing on solid ground. Suddenly what felt impossible somehow feels possible. Doubt turns to courage. Excitement is accompanied by fear.

Now envision walking towards the mountain. It’s time to begin your ascent. Heart pounding, knees shaking, nervousness builds by the second. Ready to take a step, the thought enters your mind, Maybe I should turn…

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