Turn Over Your New Leaf

“Growth will stretch you. Step outside your comfort zone. Grow into your potential.”-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

"If a desire to change is stronger than fear of change, you'll find the courage to take a step."-Julie Barbera
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What if the leaves were to say I refuse to change? They might not transition from shades of green to red, orange and yellow. Maybe they would fail to fall from the trees. They may not be willing to share branches with neighboring flowers and leaves.

Life involves transition. Nature reminds us that nothing in life remains the same. Leaves pass through seasons just as we go through seasons.

While there’s beauty in transformation, there’s also resistance. Every stage of life involves uncertainty and risk. Even the calmest of periods is made up of rainy and sunny days. If we hope to grow, we have to be willing to embrace change.

Colors change just as seasons change. We color our lives when we allow change to change us for the positive. A desire to grow and branch out may call our name, yet fear…

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