Keys to Success

A right mindset is key! “If willing to try every key, you’ll eventully find one that opens the right door.”-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

Imagine that you’re walking down a long hallway. You have no idea which key fits into which door or which door to try. The only thing you know is that opportunity could be on the other side, and any key in hand could be the right one.

Although possibilities are endless, real success is hard to come by. How do you figure out which key to use and which door is right?

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Your first task is to determine which keys to focus on and which to leave behind. The wall is lined with many, and you have to select those that you feel will open the most doors. Nothing is guaranteed, but some are more promising than others. Several open only one, while others open many.

The selection of keys is quite extensive; consistency, dedication, determination, persistence and purpose to name a few. While others…

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