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Balanced Expectations

Imagine that you’re walking down the street and you make an interesting discovery. Sitting along the road, you find a box. Something about the box is very familiar, but you just can’t put a finger on it. Intrigued, you’re anxious to see what’s inside.

Searching around, you find a key. You open the box. It’s so filled to overflowing that the contents are falling out. Moving things around, you notice a lot of clutter. Busyness, responsibility and chores are piled on top. Dreams, faith and hope are sprinkled throughout. Little pockets create pressure as fear and doubt push faith and hope down.

"Expect great things to happen. Walk in that believe. What once felt impossible will feel within reach."-Julie Barbera

Daily life is made up of expectations and responsibilities. The goal is to find a healthy balance. The more balanced your box, the more prepared you’ll be to take action.

If you were to look inside your box full of expectations, what would you find? Would you find big expectations weighed down by daily responsibilities or hopeful expectations that aren’t big enough?

Making space for important things in life is vital. Goals need to be challenging yet realistic and attainable. The only way to make space is to reorganize, prioritize and declutter your life.

When you try to shove everything into your schedule, you limit yourself. You don’t see the big picture, and you accomplish less than you would if you were to take things slow. You’re more likely to maintain momentum if you’re making steady progress. Little by little you’ll get closer to the vision.

While hopeful expectations need to be realistic, without a bigger vision, you’ll live a life far below your potential. You’ll be limited by boundaries placed around yourself. Your box will be cluttered with busyness that does nothing but take up space.

Tasks, chores and busyness leave little time for much else. When worry, fear and doubt creep in the result is unnecessary confusion. Trapped in the moment, it’s hard to focus and see the big picture.

It’s time to reorganize, prioritize and declutter your life. Take an honest assessment of things you’re doing that take up time but bring very little value to your life.

Don’t set goals based on what others can handle. Take an honest assessment of where you are in your life and what you can handle. Goals need to make sense for your situation. Perhaps you need to set smaller goals. You may need to start slow. Success breeds success. Goals need to be realistic and attainable for you.

In the past, I had a tendency to live in the big vision. It was hard for me to break things down into small steps because I wanted immediate results. I wanted to go from A to Z quickly. I didn’t want to go to B, C and D. I wanted to get to my goal fast and live the life of my dreams.

Balancing short-term goals with a big vision is essential. An inability to see the big picture makes it hard to move forward. Without a vision, your view of what you can do is too small. You set expectations for yourself that are far below your potential and the plan God has for your life.

If you only see the big vision, you limit yourself because you may not be willing to take small steps and set realistic goals that align with where you are at the time. Hence, you’ll take on more than you can handle. Things may not happen as quickly as you like and you just might be prompted to give up.

So, what’s inside your box full of expectations? Are you ready to reorganize, reorder and declutter your life to make space for the important things?

Busyness and responsibility make it hard to balance daily life with a bigger vision. Still, it’s possible to find balance. Set hopeful expectations that are realistic, but be sure that your expectations are big enough. Expect great things to happen. Walk in that belief. What once felt impossible will feel within reach.

If you’re ready to balance expectations, let’s talk.

Julie Barbera, author of the forthcoming book, Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection

“Treasures Are Right Before Our Eyes, yet Many Miss Gems Searching for Pearls at the Bottom of the Sea.”


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