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Hope for Tomorrow

At the start of a new year, the tendency is to reflect on where we are compared to where we thought we would be. Perhaps we made a list, and it’s time to assess how well we did. Maybe we’ve had the same mental list for years, and it never went further than our thoughts. Whatever the case, the start of the new year gives us another chance to try. 

"Hope is a tiny spark that makes a big difference. The light may grow dim, but it never goes out."-Julie Barbera
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In the past, my end of year assessments involved celebrating goals accomplished or frustration over a lack of progress. This year, my family and I are dealing with the sad reality that my husband is sicker than he was at the start of 2018. How am I to make sense of this harsh reality?

It’s up to me to decide how I’m going to grade 2018. Although it was a year filled with more challenges than any other year, it was still a year of great blessings. I can choose which I’m going to focus on. I’ve decided to reflect on all that went right rather than dwell on what could have gone better.

While personal goals sometimes take a back seat to health and financial challenges, the start of the new year gives us another opportunity to give it our best shot. Although we don’t always have control over circumstances, we have control over how we respond to them. No matter how 2018 turned out, take time to reflect on all that you have to be thankful for in life. 

I’d like to share some things that made 2018 a wonderful year for me. Perhaps this will help you to reflect on your blessings as well.

1. I’m thankful for faith in God that kept me going and reminded me that there’s always hope for a brighter tomorrow.

2. I’m thankful for family and friends that stood by my side through good times and bad.

3. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to inspire others daily. By encouraging others, I was lifted up.

4. I’m thankful for the opportunity to release my first book, Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection, in early 2019.

5. I’m thankful that despite challenges in 2018 and uncertainty headed into 2019, I still believe that 2019 will be the best year ever.

If life throws a curveball, handle it with grace. Adapt and adjust. Always stay in the game. Don’t let today’s challenge steal tomorrow’s vision. Hold on to hope.

Thank you for following Inspireu2Action. I look forward to blessings to come in 2019!

Julie Barbera, author of the forthcoming book, Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection

“Treasures Are Right Before Our Eyes, yet Many Miss Gems Searching for Pearls at the Bottom of the Sea.”


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