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Stand Tall

What do you do when circumstances are against you? Do you fold under pressure or get back up and stand tall. Life throws curveballs. Learn to handle them with grace. If able to adapt and adjust, you’ll always stay in the game.

How you deal with obstacles dramatically affects the outcome. You can either lower your expectations to match your circumstances. Or, you can rise above your circumstances to reach your potential. The choice is yours.

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You’re ultimately in control of your life. What you do or don’t do is your responsibility. The sooner you accept this, the quicker you’ll take action. And the sooner your life will change for the positive.

In the midst of challenging times, the simplest things in life can be a challenge. It may feel like hard times will last forever. Even so, you have control over how you respond to them. You can dwell on what can go wrong. Or, you can take a positive stance and focus on all that can go right.

It can be a challenge to go against the grain. But when life pushes you down, take a stand. Never lower your standards to fit in. Always raise the bar, and you’ll stand out.

If you’re ready to stand tall and step into your potential, let’s talk.

Julie Barbera, author of the forthcoming book, Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection

“Treasures Are Right Before Our Eyes, yet Many Miss Gems Searching for Pearls at the Bottom of the Sea.”


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