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Stay in the Game

At times life throws curveballs when we think we’re about to hit a home run. Discouragement quickly sets in. We’re tempted to step off the field, and we lose the will to try again. Everyone steps up to the plate with the hope of hitting it out of the park. Yet very few hit a home run. Some make it to third base, while even more make it to second and first. None start with a guarantee of success.


Color Your Life

“Color your life the way you wish. Don’t worry if you hit a wrong link.”-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

"Color your life the way you wish. Don't worry if you hit a wrong link."-Julie Barbera
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Did you ever do something and wish you could take a big eraser and wipe it away? If you’re like me, you can think of a thing or two. Fear of making another mistake can cause you to keep your crayons in the box. After all, who wants to make another mistake.

At times I wonder why things happen in life. It’s not always easy to understand why we go through the things we do.

I’ve learned not to try to figure things out. Only God knows the full picture. Only He’s seen the entire plan play out.

Nothing happens by accident. Good and bad, it prepares us for something more. Always a lesson to learn, it’s all part of a bigger plan.

You may find yourself thinking I can’t do that because…The list of reasons why not can get really long if…

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Doubt to Action

Life will never be free of doubt and insecurity. The path to greatness will never be completely straight. Mediocrity will tempt you along the way. The road to greatness is paved with setbacks, doubt and discouragement. There's no growth without struggle. Challenges build true strength. You'll need it when you arrive. After all, greatness isn't about you. It's about what God wants to do through you.

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Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude is everything. I bet you hear this frequently. You may even grasp the concept. It's natural to be thankful when all is going well. But how do you maintain a grateful heart, even in the midst of trying times? Many circumstances in life are beyond your control. But you have control over how you respond to them. Mindset is key. What you think about yourself becomes your reality. Believe that you can and you will. Walk through life with an attitude of gratitude. And turn what seems impossible into a possibility.


Make a Way

“If life takes you down a rough road, hold on tight. You’ll get through the ride, stronger than before. Make a way where there there seems to be no way. Don’t go down a beaten path. Pursue purpose. Pave your own path.”-Julie Barbera

Author and Life Coach

Will you make a way or let discouragement get in your way? Frustration may set in when things go as expected. A lack of support from others may make it hard to stay the course. Despite circumstances, you’re determined to make a way where there seems to be no way.

"Make a way where there seems to be no way. Don't go down a beaten path. Pursue purpose. Pave your own path."-Julie Barbera
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If others didn’t lay a clear foundation, they contributed in other ways. Maybe they taught valuable lessons that you’ll need for the journey. Perhaps you learned from their mistakes. Whatever the case, you’re responsible for your future. And you have what it takes.

Imagine that you’re ready to lay the foundation for a road in the middle of a desolate area. There’s absolutely nothing for miles. Although you wonder if anyone will ever drive on the road, you recognize the area’s potential. After all, it’s fairly close to a larger city.

It’s going to…

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