Balance Your Goals

“Live in the moment, vision in sight. Keep your feet on the ground, yet reach for the sky.”-Julie Barbera


If you have a vision, you’re accustomed to thinking about goals. The challenge is to determine the best course of action. Responsibilities and priorities compete for your time. Finding a healthy balance is essential. Once found, do whatever it takes to Inspire Yourself to Action.

"Live in the moment, vision in sight. Keep your feet on the ground, yet reach for the sky."-Julie Barbera
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Creating a clear plan of action is key to your success. It should include short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. But, Why not focus on one goal at a time?

If that works for you, great. I find that it’s easier to stay motivated if I diversify my projects. I tend to be most productive when I set aside time for goals with varying timeframes for completion.

I used to focus on one objective at a time. I felt that this would make me more efficient. But I was actually less effective. If a goal was long-term, I got caught up…

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Left Behind on Layaway

Dreams and goals start to feel distant if set to the side. Perhaps what you can do seems insignificant, so you wait for one day. When pushed away, it's easy to grow more and more detached. Until one day, you don't recognize them anymore. Committing to small investments over time is hard. It may even feel like they don't leave a dent. But I can assure you it's always better to start. If you start, you'll end up somewhere. If you don't, you'll end up right where you start.

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Move Your Mountain

“Consistency is key. Pick up one rock a day. One day you’ll look back and realize you moved a mountain.”-Julie Barbera


"Consistency is key. Pick up one rock a day. One day you'll look back and realize you moved a mountain."-Julie Barbera
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It’s early January, and you’re sitting in front of your mountain with determination to make this a groundbreaking year. But how do you find your breakthrough to genuinely break ground?

Perhaps you’re like me, and you’ve been staring at the same mountain for years. You finally built up the courage to walk towards your mountain. Only it doesn’t seem that it will ever move. You understand that you need to move big rocks out of the way. Yet it appears that you’ll never make enough progress to leave a dent.

Maybe you’ve gone around the same mountain for longer than you can remember. At times, you pick up small pebbles. Other times, you’ve built up the strength to move a rock or two. You’re motivated for a while. It seems that you’ll break through to solid ground. You start then stop, but nothing happens. And…

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More Than Just a Dream

Every dream unrealized is like a masterpiece never painted, a hit song never sung, a great book never written. Every work of art began as a sketch or a dab of paint on a canvas. Every song started out as a single note. Every book originated from a single thought jotted down on a page. Every dream realized began with a step of faith, a single act of courage. Make today the day you step into greatness. It only takes a single act of courage to take that first step of faith.


Balance Beyond the Busyness

“Finding balance beyond the busyness is possible. The answer is inside of you. But you have to slow down long enough to hear your own thoughts.

Make time for yourself daily. Rediscover what you love to do, and do it. And if you have a goal, take action every day. The size of the step is unimportant. Just be consistent. Do it for you.”-Julie Barbera


Busyness is used as a measure of success. If able to do more, have more and be more, we somehow feel in control of our lives.

As a result and goal-driven person myself, I gave in to this erroneous definition for years. I put accomplishing goals ahead of faith, family and health.

It was apparent that my life was out of balance. I knew what I was doing. Still, I convinced myself that I was making this sacrifice for the greater good. I could only fool myself for so long.

"Live in the moment, vision in sight. Keep your feet on the ground, yet reach for the sky."-Julie Barbera
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A busy lifestyle helps to get things done and make things happen. But, at what cost? Chasing goals leads to forgetting dreams. Aiming for the target, we completely miss the mark.

My driven personality enabled me to succeed in many areas. I pushed through things when others might have given up. I took on more…

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Cheer Yourself On

“Strength needs to come from within. Don’t depend on motivation from others. You are your own best advocate. Do whatever it takes. Cheer yourself on. Inspire Yourself to Action.”-Julie Barbera


Everything starts with a decision. Moving forward is a conscious choice. Choose to take action, no matter how big or small. Create a plan and stick to it, despite how you feel. Simply put, be consistent.

"Let go of all the reasons why you can't. Look for ways to make it happen."-Julie Barbera
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At times you may know what do to and the steps to take, but what you can do seems insignificant. So, you freeze. Rather than do what you can, you choose to do nothing.

If you commit to small steps and spend even as little as 5-10 minutes daily, you’ll be encouraged to invest even more time. Taking action will eventually turn into a habit. Regularity will translate into progress.

Even if you move forward with constancy, others may not notice. Moreover, they may not share the same passion and enthusiasm. Stand firm despite reactions from those around you. Inspire Yourself to Action, independent of what society says…

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Balance to Breakthrough

“At the start of the year, take an assessment of your progress. Looking back on the previous year may leave you feeling frustrated or proud. Whether you accomplished everything you set out to achieve or very little, not to worry. Today is a new day. You get the opportunity to start again.”-Julie Barbera


It’s the end of the week, and you’re absolutely exhausted. Feeling mentally drained, you can’t identify anything that you accomplished of real, lasting value. Week after week, you’re caught up in the same routine. Driven by habit, you’re going through life on autopilot. While busyness fills up the day, it doesn’t necessarily equate to productivity.

"Live in the moment, vision in sight. Keep your feet on the ground, yet reach for the sky."-Julie Barbera
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Maybe you catch yourself thinking, Life has to be more than this. What’s the purpose? Get up, go to work, finish chores, pay bills and go to bed, only to start again tomorrow. Over and over, the cycle continues.

Perhaps you sit down to read when out of nowhere you’re bombarded with a million thoughts. You name it, it’s going through your mind; laundry, dishes, cleaning, bills to pay, calls to make. Your mind races thinking about everything but the task at hand.

Busyness has become a way of life…

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Stand Tall

“It can be a challenge to go against the grain. But when life pushes you down, take a stand. Never lower your standards to fit in. Always raise the bar, and you’ll stand out.”-Julie Barbera


What do you do when circumstances are against you? Do you fold under pressure or get back up and stand tall. Life throws curveballs. Learn to handle them with grace. If able to adapt and adjust, you’ll always stay in the game.

How you deal with obstacles dramatically affects the outcome. You can either lower your expectations to match your circumstances. Or, you can rise above your circumstances to reach your potential. The choice is yours.

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You’re ultimately in control of your life. What you do or don’t do is your responsibility. The sooner you accept this, the quicker you’ll take action. And the sooner your life will change for the positive.

In the midst of challenging times, the simplest things in life can be a challenge. It may feel like hard times will last forever. Even so, you have control over how you…

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